Ultra-light 2-blades PLUG’n'FLY for Vittorazi Moster 185

E-PROPS proposes the lightest propellers on the market for the Vittorazi Moster 185 engine. Those propellers weight 480 gr, which is amazing for a paramotor’s propeller !PLUG'n'FLY E-PROPS VITTORAZI MOSTER 185Those propellers are designed and manufactured in France (Provence). Fully made in carbon braid, in two sectional parts, they have a large chord near the hub (called “extra-cooling“), which allows a very good engine cooling.

The HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, specifically designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the 100% carbone + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade’s foot to tip. The leading edge is reinforced with a special resin with Nanostrength® (ARKEMA product : high kinetic energy absorption capacity).

4 models are available :
- for reducer 2,68 => dia 125 cm
- for reducer 2,68 => dia 130 cm
- for reducer 2,87 => dia 125 cm
- for reducer 2,87 => dia 130 cm

The max thrust is : 76 kg for dia 125 cm, and 78 kg for dia 130 cm.

Models tested and validated by the VITTORAZI company since 2015.
Rotation : counter clockwise
Holes : 6M6d60 (6 screws dia 6 mm on a circle of 60 mm dia)

=> Price : 271 euros (without taxes and shipment costs)

Click on this link to buy a PLUG’n'FLY for MOSTER 185


E-PROPS Plug’n'Fly : the lightest and the most efficient propellers for the Vittorazi Moster 185

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