CNC E-PROPS TRM-8 : video (eng)

Functionning video of the 8-axis Machining Centre with Laser Scanner TRM-8 in operation since June 2017.


This machining centre has been designed and built from scratch by the E-PROPS team, in order to do the dimensional analysis, the rectification and the finish of the carbon parts automatically. It is equipped with a directional spindle on 5-axis programmed according to the digital definition of the part, with a wide tool store. The precision of measure by the scanner laser is of 5/100th of millimeter.

This CNC machine is functioning since June 2017 and has already analyzed and finished thousands of E-PROPS blades and hubs. It is essntial for E-PROPS to reach a production of 30.000 blades / year during the first half of 2018.


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