New range Scimitar Plug’n'Fly

Our team is proud to present our complete new range of PLUG’n'FLY models with a new SCIMITAR design.

scimitar propellers PLUG n FLY for paramotorsclick here to see the video

E-Props PLUG n FLY range 2018 propellers for paramotors Even lighter and stronger, delivering excellent performances, with a high gloss finish,
those propellers are exceptional

E-Props PLUG n FLY range 2018 propellers for paramotors489 gr = 1 lb

 2-blades for Top 80, diameter 125 cm / 49 inch.

E-Props PLUG n FLY range 2018 propellers for paramotors

Made in full carbon braid, with continue fibers between upper and lower surfaces of the blade, with an internal shielding of the blades, the E-Props are extremely strong. A special process named HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers), developed by E-Props, ensures a very high strength of the carbon + epoxy resin blades.

tri plug scimitarThis new scimitar design increases thrust and reduces noise. Currently, the E-Props Scimitar Plug’n'Fly are by far the best paramotors propellers – at affordable price !

SCIMITAR PROPELLERS E-PROPSThe E-PROPS are the lightest propellers in the world. Here a 3-blades for Vittorazi Moster 185, diameter 125 cm, total weight = only 627 gr (1,4 lb) !

Diameters of this new range : from 115 to 160 cm. Exist in 2 / 3 / 4 and also 6-blades.

E-Props is making great effort to propose even better carbon propellers

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